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Medicinal herbs are always a great first choice to get you healthy and keep you healthy.

The first reason to use herbs is simply for empowerment. Herbal medicines are completely within your own control. You can find out what works for you and then always keep some of those herbs handy when you need them.

You need not be faced with the situation of going to the doctor and being offered drugs – which you may well not want to take.

Self-medicating with medicinal herbs which you know work can give you a great sense of satisfaction. And the knowledge you accumulate can then be shared with your friends and family, benefiting your children.

If you talk to your friends you might be surprised how many of them are open to natural methods and you may even find those who are already using medicinal herbs for health themselves.

Learn to use herbs for your health

It is very possible to learn how to use medicinal herbs for you and your family. The herbs which are generally available, for example from health food shops, are all safe to use. Few medicinal herbs which you will find available have any health risks associated with them, but if there are any slight concerns these will be listed on the label.

Get yourself one or two reference books so that when you have a need you can look it up in the book and find out which medicinal herbs are used for a particular condition.

When you want to use herbs for your health:

  • From your reference book selected three herbs which you think the most likely to help you
  • Do some research to find out if those herbs are available online or at your local herbal supplies shop
  • Check your choice of herb either face-to-face by chatting to someone at the herb shop or by phoning or emailing your online herbal store.
  • Buy the herb and use it as directed.
  • Note the results down – so you know if that was valuable for you next time you need it.
  • If your chosen medicinal herb does not do the job then select a second choice and you might have more success with that.

Thousands of people in the UK and America treat themselves very successfully with herbs.

Sometimes there is a need to visit a doctor: but when you are able to use herbs to keep you healthy this becomes a judgement call on your part as to whether visiting a doctor is necessary or not.

Of course, you should be visiting a doctor mainly to get information and an opinion. Remember, you are in charge of your health, and you will decide whether or not to take doctor’s advice.

The most popular medicinal herbs

Some of the most popular herbs for health include:

Using medicinal herbs for your health

You cannot become an expert overnight in any new subject, including herbal medicine. But you can definitely become a knowledgeable amateur over a period of one or two years. Read your herbal books, research the herbs on the Internet, and talk to those in shops or at online sites who will be glad to share their knowledge.

If you do this consistently, in a couple of years you will these very surprised how much knowledge you have soaked up about medicinal herbs for health which will enable you to keep yourself and your family healthy with herbs.

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