Time for action!

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First, a summary of what we covered in the previous articles.

1. You are responsible for your own health. Your doctor – or natural practitioner for that matter – is not. He or she is there to help you. Not to take responsibility. You are in the best position to get to know your body best – with advice from others, of course. Just don’t let the decisions be taken out of your own hands. Your health is just too important to be left to others.

2. Colon cleansing is the number one thing to do for your own health – for the great majority of people. If you are in reasonably good health – that is, you are taking no pharmaceuticals, and have no current illness – it is relatively simple process for most people. And, if you are short of funds, it can be done without having to see a naturopathic practitioner. (Though it is always best to have some professional help and support if you can.)

It takes around three months to complete the first step of a reasonable cleanse. This should be followed up for a few months extra, using fewer supplements. This gives you a reasonable length course of treatment. After all, you won’t correct in a few weeks what it’s taken many years to build up.

3. Liver cleansing is the number two thing to do for the majority of people. Many, many people have improved their health noticeably by carrying out one or both of the above measures. Colon and liver cleansing. They are both powerful. They are both relatively simple. They both work with your body. In most cases, they make the body function better – and help stave off future problems.

4. Your diet probably needs to be cleaned up. Most people can improve their diet. What should you eat?detox1-w250-h250


  • Cut down on protein and starch
  • Increase vegetables and fruit
  • Leave out dairy foods as much as possible

These are our ideas – we know many people for whom these ideas have been valuable. Try them and see how you get on. Or – find something which suits you better and try that. Just be consistent. Remember – it is what you do 90% of the time that is important. We all ‘fall off the wagon’ now and again – just get back on again as soon as possible. And for goodness sake, don’t beat yourself up about it!

5. Your digestion needs to be good for your food to be used properly.

For most people, their digestion does not work as efficiently as it could. We recommend herbal supplements for that situation. There are many herbs which help the digestion. The strongest are the ‘bitters’.

The bitter taste stimulates digestion. That’s why it is better to taste these herbs, rather than have them in capsules. Examples are gentian, rheum (turkey rhubarb also a laxative), and barberry.

Carry out the last four of these five points and, for the great majority of people, they will be very beneficial.

You will learn a lot about your body by following through with these approaches. Many people will notice annoying symptoms reduce or disappear.

Many of you won’t even realize a symptom has gone until you remember, in a few weeks, that you ‘haven’t had that ache’ since you did the liver or colon cleaning.

It really can be like magic! Yet it’s as simple as common sense.

Who do we recommend for products?

You may well have your own suppliers of health products and if they are serving you well, by all means stick with them.

If you are not using anyone; if you want a change; if you want additional choices; or if you just want unlimited free advice, phone 0845 053 5433 in the UK (int: +44 1273 424333) or visit www.shs100.com. There you will receive a warm welcome and you can chat about health any issues you wish.

Be happy – be healthy

At Alternative HealthZine we are very happy, as long as you are getting healthier. We are on something of a ‘mission’; to help a generation, brought up on doctors’ pills and potions, to investigate for themselves the tremendous benefits of natural medicine.

If we can help you do this – we are happy.

NB Don’t play around with your health

If you have a recognised illness, and especially if taking pharmaceuticals, you definitely need assistance and advice from someone used to dealing with these situations. Seek the advice of a sympathetic doctor, and find an experienced naturopath to assist you to get well. Listen to the guidance and help offered, then make up your own mind what to do. Don’t be pushed into any decision you don’t really want to take. It’s the only way to learn about your health.

A few people experience ‘cleansing reactions’ as the body ‘throws off toxins’, when carrying out natural healthcare methods. Examples of these reactions include loose bowels, headaches and temporary tiredness. The general advice for such reactions is to ease off on the treatment until they calm down, then resume at a more gentle pace. If you are in good general health, you should cope easily with such reactions. Some people even feel good at this time – a sign that the body is happy to be getting rid of a burden.

However, it is always most helpful to have professionals on hand who you can turn to for support and advice when using natural healthcare methods. And, as mentioned above, if you have a recognised illness, it is essential for your safety and good health to have professionals – both in the alternative and regular medical fields – to whom you can turn for help.

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