Why circulation is so important

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Most people probably think of ‘circulation’ in terms of whether or not they have warm or cold hands and feet (at least in the UK or similar climates!).

However, we couldn’t live if we did not have blood circulation and improving the circulation of body fluids can definitely be expected to keep you healthy for much longer than would otherwise be the case. And, in many cases, it can dramatically improve your health.

What has to circulate?

The main body fluids to circulate are firstly the blood, and secondly – and very importantly – the lymph.


The blood has several main functions which circulation permits.

A. It carries nutrients to all the cells – mainly from the small intestine, where the food nutrients are absorbed through the intestine wall into the blood.

B. Blood circulation carries waste products away from the cells. These may be broken down when the blood gets to the Liver, or extracted for excretion when in the Kidneys.

C. It carries oxygen from the Lungs to the cells for energy; and carries carbon dioxide from the cells to the Lungs for excretion.

D. In addition, blood circulation performs various other functions – for example, it transports hormones from the special endocrine’ glands where they are made, to the ‘target’ organs or areas which they are designed to affect.

These affected areas could be the reproductive areas, or perhaps the Kidneys. A further function of blood circulation is to help regulate body temperature. For example, if you are too warm, the blood vessels come to the surface to help shed heat from the body and cool it down.

So you can see that blood circulation performs many functions which are absolutely essential to keeping the body working well. Anything you can do to help the circulation of blood must pay you dividends in the long run – you will keep healthier, and feel better.


Lymph fluid consists of;

A. The ’tissue fluid’ in which all of our cells are bathed, and

B. The fluid within the ‘lymph vessels’. These are ‘blood vessel’ like tubes, which connect the lymph glands of the body. The lymph is vital for circulation.The main lymph gland areas are the sides of the neck, armpits, groin and appendix.

The Lymphatic System is also called the Immune System

It is important to keep the lymph circulating well to carry nutrition to the cells and take away waste products, and also to move white blood cells around. White blood cells dispose of debris from broken down cells and attack invading agents, such as poisons and bacteria.

If the throat or groin glands ache when you have an infection – rejoice! They are working overtime for you, to kill the invading bacteria or viruses.
DETOX will also help to boost the circulation

Many approaches to detox can work. Often, it is just a case of which approach suits you – so you can follow it right through. Here are 2 approaches which have been carefully thought out.

Herbal 90-day Detox Diet Programme

This programme consists of unique herbal products for the three main detox organs: the Colon, the Liver and the Kidneys, as well as a Detox Tea. The products for the 3 main detox organs are available either in Capsules or as Drops, as you prefer. (Both are just a good – Drops are cheaper.)

This programme lasts 3 months, which is a good length of time. You also get unlimited free support by phone and email. You can choose to spread the cost over 3 months if you wish.

This reputable company has been in business since 1982.

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