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Lose weight naturally

by on 21/01/2013

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Losing weight is complex: there are usually both physical as well as emotional causes of being overweight and all factors need to be addressed.
You certainly do need to be kind to yourself. Guilt is just not an option! Guilt is a useless emotion. Accept where you are and move forward.

With a simple plan, a desire to get healthy, and a willingness to review regularly weight loss can be achieved like any other aim. Just allow yourself to fail, come up with a new idea, and try again and continue with this approach until you find the route that works for you.


Diet is obviously important: but you may not realise that the most important point is to cut right down on your starchy food intake. That means foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars. Which means the starchy foods – especially rice, bread, pasta and potatoes.
This is one of the very important weight loss secrets.