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Here is part 2 of the extract from Xandria Williams’ book the Liver Detox Plan, which is all about liver cleanse: why to cleanse the liver, as well as how to cleanse the liver. In this extract she deals with more indications of a toxic liver which would indicate a cleanse would be beneficial………

Stress needs no introduction – everyone has felt it and knows how it feels. If you cannot handle it, and the symptoms that result, it could pay you to treat your liver better.

In relation to stress, your liver affects more than just your blood sugar level.

It is capable of storing most of the B group vitamins, at least to a small extent, but this can only happen if you have fed the vitamins to your liver in the first place, either from an excellent diet or from supplements. If you didn’t supply them, then all the cells in your body could be deficient. This includes vitamin B1, a deficiency of which can lead to an increased level of lactic acid in the blood, which if not picked up immediately by the liver, can cause symptoms that mimic a panic/anxiety attack and a heart attack combined.

The liver and fatigue

Hypoglycaemia and B vitamin deficiencies can lead to fatigue. There are other causes linking your liver to fatigue. If your liver does not correctly make the proteins needed to carry iron and copper through your bloodstream and if it does not play its part in getting the iron to the bone marrow, you could suffer from anaemia.

Furthermore, many fatigue problems are caused by toxins. One of the first steps, and an essential one, in dealing with ME or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) is a programme of detoxification. If you are tired it is definitely a sign that you need to start on the Liver Detox Plan.

Liver cleanse and toxins

A healthy liver deals with literally thousands of types of toxins every single day of your life. These include the airborne pollutants that you breathe in such as industrial pollutants from hundreds of different sources, urban ones such as car fumes, social ones such as cigarette smoke, domestic ones such as household and cosmetic chemicals, and can also come as a result of the damaging effects of radiation and electromagnetic fields (even sitting in front of the television can cause problems).

They include the thousands of toxic chemicals that can be in your food as a result of agricultural processes, food processes and preserving, from the water supply or by accident. They also come from the substances applied to your skin, from drugs (social or medical). Furthermore, a number of toxic substances are made in your body as you metabolise used tissues and materials such as hormones that have done their job.

Your liver either gets rid of these toxins directly, via your gall bladder in bile and through the digestive tract, or it converts them to safer compounds, i.e. the conversion of ammonia (from proteins) to urea, or else it breaks them down altogether.

The efficient processing of toxins can protect you from a variety of degenerative diseases including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, and can reduce your risk of getting cancer. This on its own should encourage you to follow the Liver Detox Plan.

Your liver repackages various other nutrients, including some of the vitamins, such as vitamin A and E, and some minerals, such as iron and copper, as we have seen. If this repackaging is not completed efficiently, you may, for example, experience both vitamin A deficiency signs in the surrounding tissues and vitamin A toxicity signs as it accumulates in the liver. The liver stores B vitamins needed for energy, particularly B12, of which it can store several week’s supply.

The liver and immune system

Your liver is involved in your immune system and helps to protect you from infections. This results from the action of special liver cells called Kupffer cells that help to get rid of toxins.

If these Kupffer cells are not healthy, this aspect of your immune system does not function. Furthermore, if your liver does not get rid of old hormones, your levels of white blood cells and antibodies will fall below normal.

(The white cells are the ones that scavenge foreign invaders and toxins, and your antibodies are the special proteins that fight the individual antigens or invaders from outside.)

An extension of this relationship between your liver and your immune system is the relationship between a healthy liver and allergic reactions.

For many reasons, if your liver is not healthy you will be allergy prone and this can lead to a whole range of symptoms from acne to asthma, from migraines to arthritis, from sinus problems and catarrh to hay fever and watering eyes, from mood swings and behavioural problems to candidiasis and psychiatric problems and many more.

The liver and vitamin D

Whether you get your vitamin D from your diet, or make it yourself from the action of sunlight on your skin, your liver is necessary for the ultimate activity of this vitamin since it is converted into its active form in the liver.

This means you could find that a faulty liver, rather than a deficiency of calcium or vitamin D, is responsible for calcium deficiency, which may eventually lead to osteoporosis.

The liver, fat tissue and weight gain

Another problem that may be linked to a malfunctioning liver is that of being overweight.

If your liver cannot or does not deal with toxins, and since many of them are fat-soluble, it may store them in your adipose tissues – those rolls and bulges all over your body.

Once stored in these tissues, the toxins are relatively harmless. However if that tissue was to be broken down, they would be released and could cause you harm.

So, as a self-defence mechanism, your body may then refuse to break down these adipose tissues even when you reduce the amount you eat, and need the fat the tissues contain for energy.

This would then mean that dieting would leave you not only frustrated but exhausted.

If this seems familiar, then the Liver Detox Plan is a must. Once you have been on it for a few days or a few weeks (depending on your own particular metabolisms and level of toxins) you could suddenly find that any excess weight you may be carrying starts to come off with very little effort.

A toxic liver can also contribute to cravings, such as sugar cravings or a craving for chocolate or alcohol; once you improve the state of your liver it will be so much easier to stick to a healthy eating programme. This can improve not only your health, but also your weight, since you will no longer feel like going on those sugar or alcohol binges.

As if all that isn’t enough, your liver is also important for your moods and emotional state and for your memory and your ability to think and concentrate clearly.

Furthermore, an unhealthy liver, by its negative effect on your energy levels, can leave you too tired to bother, if not out and out exhausted. In this and many other ways the functioning of your liver will affect your emotions, attitude, mood and thinking.

The liver and diet

What else can harm your liver? Do you drink alcohol?

This is damaging in itself, it is also converted into other toxic compounds that contribute to many of the hangover symptoms, and it further stresses and damages your liver.

  • Do you love fats, cream, mayonnaise, chocolate, coffee?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes or take any drugs, social, recreational or medical?
  • Do you eat late at night and then go to bed before the meal is digested?

The first step to liver cleanse: Attitude

There are so many things that people do, without even thinking, that damage the liver, that it is a wonder it serves you as well as it does. The exciting thing is that once you accept that you have chosen to do these things you will also realise that you are free to choose not to do these things. It is up to you. You are in control.

If this introduction has already set you thinking, and you would like to start right away to make the changes that will benefit your liver, then do so. However since it is generally useful to know why you are doing things and to know which things in particular are important for you to do, I do recommend reading Section 2 [of Xandria Williams’ book – see below for details of how you can buy a copy].

Furthermore, when the going gets tough, when you feel that ‘surely it can’t matter’ if you have another cigarette, cup of coffee or a drink for the road, when the desserts look tempting, the cream and other fats are irresistible and you’d rather use household chemicals than clean the old-fashioned way or prefer to spread pesticides instead of weeding the garden, read it again. There’s nothing like being reminded of the facts to keep the importance of what you are doing in the forefront of your mind.

Happy reading and good health.

Part two of an extract from the book ‘Liver Detox Plan’ by Xandria Williams. Xandria is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Homeopath and NLP Practitioner, currently in practice in central London. She has written hundreds of articles, 15 books, and appears frequently on television and radio. The ‘Liver Detox Plan’ (Vermillion – £7.99) explains clearly the functions and processes of the liver, what can go wrong and how you can help. The plan is easy to follow, set out as it is, and includes simple and tasty recipes to help guide you through.

To buy a copy of the book, or the Liver Detox supplement, you can contact Xandria directly by phone – +44 20 7824 8153, or by email – mailto:xkw@bigfoot.com You can also order the supplement from Nutri Imports on 0800 212 742 (From the UK only).

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Ami Greenfield March 13, 2013 at 11:39 am

I did your detox about seven years ago and lost 10kg in the six week I was on it. I have never felt better. I had a lot more time on my hands then. I spent so muck time casing around trying to get the supplements. I was first excited to find the book is still available and then to see you can also get the supplement. Only to be disappointed that they are only available in the Uk.i borrowed the book from the library last. When I tried to by it was not available in Austraia at the time. Do you if anyone is doing the book and supplements in Australia?


robrralph March 13, 2013 at 12:05 pm


I have just found this link to ebay for Australia for Zandria’s book – http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Liver-Detox-Plan-Xandria-Williams-Paperback-Book-/130845953841 I think you may have more problems trying to find suppliers of the supplement. Here is the link to Zandria’s website and supplement info, you may be able to order direct from them – http://www.xandriawilliams.co.uk/shop.asp?pcat=supplements

Kind regards



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