Probiotics – our natural bowel bacteria

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Many different probiotics brands can be found on the health supplement market. As long as you buy a reputable brand, it will be most beneficial for your health to include one of these in your daily regime.

Probiotics provide a very valuable supplement to help you to keep the bowel healthy.

Why are there bacteria in the bowel?

The intestines contain millions of microorganisms – bacteria and fungi – collectively called “bowel flora”. Good health is vitally affected by the this population. Some can be bad for us – producing toxins – poisons – which we then circulated around our bodies through the blood stream. Others, on the other hand, are most beneficial and contribute to our nutrition. Two of the most beneficial are Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.

The beneficial types of bacteria produce lactic acid, giving an acidic environment in which they can thrive. The harmful bacteria tend to prefer an alkali environment. So as long as the beneficial bacteria are in the ascendant, these harmful types are kept under control. An addition controlling measure is that some of the beneficial bacteria produce specific biochemicals that inhibit the harmful types.

So, enhancing the bowel flora by using one of the best probiotics brands will help the whole body. In particular, probiotics are considered to offer significant protection against inflammatory bowel disease symptoms, cancerous changes and high blood cholesterol.

Few people realize, except for holistic practitioners together with the suppliers of probioticsĀ  – and the nutritionists they supply – just how important this issue is.

Probiotics – side effects

Probiotics are a very safe form of supplementation. Indeed, side effects are virtually non-existent. The only real side effect from probiotics is that the occasional person suffers a slightly loose bowel. When it does happen, this will often clear up by itself in a few days. However, it is wise to ease off on the dose being taken if you notice this, and build up more slowly.

“Death begins in the colon”

Naturopathic practitioners have long claimed that chronic illness often originates in the bowel, or colon. Certainly, if you look at x-rays of the bowel there is, usually, bulging, constriction and poor muscle function at different points along it’s path. It is believed that pockets can form and hold on to old waste for some time.

Indeed, after ‘colon cleansing’, many patients have reported passing out of the body remnants of food substances which they know have been eaten years before.

Regular ‘medics’ will say that food waste cannot be trapped in bowel pockets. One clear example was quoted by a photographer accompanying a journalist on a trip to a colon cleansing establishment in Koh Samui, Thailand. The photographer decided to take part in the cleansing. After a few days of cleansing, this person heard a ‘chink’ as he was doing part of the cleaning. He said he knew exactly what it was: on inspection he found he was right – he had passed out of his body a marble he had swallowed when he was a child!!!

It was resting in that bowel somewhere for many years!

Bowel flora & antibiotic use

Today many of those that present themselves at clinics with a bad bowel condition have a history of heavy antibiotic use, or, as many alternative practitioners would say, “antibiotic abuse”. It is well recognized that a lot of antibiotic medications destroy the favourable Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria of the bowel, leaving a chance for other species to proliferate and take their place.

This certainly can happen.

To help deal with it, we should always make sure we take a bowel flora supplement for a few months after antibiotic use.

There are various probiotics brands out there, and the one I choose to use daily consists of a unique blend which was devised by leading UK nutritionist, Dr Lawrence Plaskett. It contains a unique blend of:

L acidophilus
L rhamnosus
Lactococcus lactis
B bifidum
B breve
B longum

Get it here: Dr Plaskett’s high quality probiotic formula

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GODWIN KEELSON March 1, 2013 at 11:25 am

Please where can I get the product in Ghana


robrralph March 1, 2013 at 11:41 am

I do not know where you can buy this product in Ghana, but you should be able to google it for companies that do. If not you can try here they will be able to send products to Ghana.

Many thanks


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