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The practice of fixing a deadly poison in multiple locations within the mouth is, surely, an act of madness. But this is exactly what most dentists do every day.

The American Dental Association (ADA) makes the protestations of safety which might be expected. Their basic response is that:

“No evidence of harm has been found.”

However, mercury is a known poison. Why put it in your mouth when there are alternatives?

The answers are, I suppose:

  • The alternatives cost more
  • Because the ADA – and it’s British equivalent – would look pretty stupid if they did a turn-around now, after decades of saying that mercury fillings are safe

So look at the evidence, use common sense; and don’t put any more poisons in your mouth. Demand alternative fillings when you next have some – and pay extra for them if necessary.

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Much like the mercury in amalgam fillings, fluoride has been foisted on the general public with little evidence of safety – or, for that matter, effectiveness.

It is worrying that the British Dental Association – who represent dentists in the UK – receive funding from the toothpaste industry for promoting fluoride toothpastes (The Times).

In fact, one of the early studies which helped start fluoridation carried out in Newburgh, New York, had flawed methodology according to some experts.

Furthermore, the reduction in dental fillings seen after ten years in that study, had disappeared when re-examined after 50 years.

A deadly poison

Tony Lees, a UK dentist for 40 years says “in the scale of toxicity, fluorides fall between arsenic and lead.”

‘Fluorosis’ is the first sign of fluoride poisoning. The external signs of this are mottling of the surface of the teeth, and it progresses into actual deterioration of the tooth enamel. For pictures of teeth showing fluorosis, see….

A UK government-commissioned study shows that 48% of children who drink fluoridated water show signs of fluorosis. (The Times, May 15th 2001) But though overdosing on fluoride produces unsightly tooth discolouration and deterioration, the real concern is what it is doing inside the body.

In the skeleton itself, fluorosis damages bones and leads to arthritis. There is no known cure or reversal for deterioration of the skeleton due to fluorosis; it just has to be avoided in the first place.

Cancer causing agent

It is widely thought that fluoride may cause cancer. The National Toxicology Programme in America was commissioned by the government to carry out a study into the relationship between fluoride and cancer.

Several toxicologists have said that the findings of the report show that there is a relationship – that fluoride does appear to make you more likely to develop cancer.

Other reactions to fluoride

There are plenty of anecdotal cases of reactions to fluoride.

For example, 9-year old Alysia Cooke started to get leg pains, flu-like symptoms, and headaches. Nothing could be found… until brown mottling on her teeth was noticed. She stopped using fluoride toothpaste – and the symptoms quickly disappeared.

Why use a chemical whose efficacy is questioned by experts?

If you look at the evidence, fluoride has simply not been shown to be effective. And there are massive question marks over its safety.

However, it is so widely used now, that many people would lose face if it was to be withdrawn.

In fifty to a hundred years, putting fluoride in water and adding it to toothpaste will be seen – along with using mercury in fillings – for the disastrous mistake it surely is.


By the way, the forerunners of today’s chemists were called ‘quacks’ – the term more often used today for practitioners in natural medicine. The name ‘quack’ derived from ‘quicksilver’ – the common name for mercury.

Those early chemists has such trouble treating syphilis sores, that they would try anything to cure them – even putting poisons such as mercury, sulphur, and tar on the wounds.

It is ironic that practitioners in natural therapies are now called the ‘quacks’, whereas the regular medical and dental professions are still using poisons, such as mercury and the sulfonamide drugs – based on sulphur.

An expert’s opinion

Phyllis J Mullenix Phd, a pharmacologist and toxicologist, is Head of the Toxicology Department at the Forsyth Dental Center, a world renowned dental research institution affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. She was angered by the inaccuracies contained in the Calgary Regional Health Authority’s “Position Statement on Fluoridation”. This statement reflects the sort of position taken by the professional organisations and government in both the UK and USA.

She wrote:

“This letter expresses my concerns about misstatements made by the Calgary Regional Health Authority (CRHA) in their “Position Statement on Fluoridation”. As a toxicologist involved in fluoride research for over ten years, I was stunned by the CRHA’s glib comments proclaiming water fluoridation safe. The “fifty years” of studies about fluoride safety, do not exist. The “ongoing intensive research on fluorides and fluoridation”, does not exist, certainly none investigating safety.

…Water fluoridation is not the safe public health measure we have been led to believe. Concerns about uncontrolled dosage, accumulation in the body over time and effects beyond the teeth (brain as well as bones) have not been resolved for fluoride. The health of the citizens of Calgary necessitates that you consider all of the facts, not just those that are politically expedient.”
(Full letter )

It would be wise to reflect on the views of this dental and toxicology expert before accepting your government’s or dentist’s insistence that you use fluoride for yourself or your family.

Fluoride has not been proven to be safe. It has been “assumed innocent until proven guilty” – a dangerous position for a chemical being force fed, in many cases, to an unaware public.

Fluorosilicates? What are these?

Americans have an additional problem to face. Years ago, many authorities decided to substitute pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride with industrial grade fluorosilicates – by-products of fertiliser production.

Why? Don’t be silly – it’s because it’s much cheaper! Not only is this ‘fluoride’ in a different form from usual – it probably contains traces of other poisons such as arsenic and lead.

Chiropractor Barry Forbes has an article about this –Flouride Toxicity

Water filters for fluorine removal?

Standard carbon water filters do not remove fluorine – the molecules are too small. If it is added in your areas, you have to use a ‘reverse osmosis’ filter, or distill your water. Or stick to bottled.

How do I reduce fillings?

And if you want to reduce dental caries – holes in the teeth – the answer is pretty simple:

Clean your teeth after every meal, and most importantly – Reduce or eliminate added sugar!!!

It is sugar that causes holes in the teeth. Cut out added sugar and the occurrence of fillings almost disappears. Get sensible – get healthy – cut down on sugars in the diet.

I know it’s hard to avoid refined sugar – I know it’s even harder for your children. But at least ration your kids; don’t let them have ‘sucking’ sweets, which expose the teeth to eroding sugars for extended periods; and get them to clean their teeth immediately afterwards as the cost of being allowed sweets.

My recommendation – whatever you do, don’t ingest – or even apply – fluoride. Even if fluoride did prevent fillings (which is questionable) it would be better to have some fillings (non-mercury ones!) than risk poisoning yourself with what is probably a dangerous chemical.

And as for dentists – I know some lovely ones; but don’t just believe (without researching it for yourself) that fluoride is safe. Remember, dentists also say that mercury (a known poison) is completely inert when inserted in teeth. Why on earth should it be? This, surely, is wishful thinking at its most extreme. Why take the risk of using this poison in the mouth?

I strongly recommend you research this topic for yourself. I predict you’ll end up thinking the same as me.

Use the links above on this page…

…and the ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ issue for fluoridation is good – Vol 9/12, March 1999 (+44 1858 438894, ) We have no financial connection to them by the way, we just think it’s a valuable magazine with some great – and well backed up – information.

Keep well – and keep those chemicals out of your body whenever you can! Especially the deadly poisons.

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