Is colon cleansing really necessary?

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Can scientists prove that colon cleansing is good for your health

Well… not really. In fact, they argue about it. You just have to look at the facts and make your own judgement.

A major factor to consider with colon cleansing is that… A little bowel regularity is not enough for detox.

If you go to the doctor they will often say that one bowel movement a day – or every two days or three days – is OK. We strongly disagree as this holds up detox.

The colon – and the bladder – are the ‘sewage systems’ of the body. They need to be working efficiently to get waste products out of the body and so allow detox to happen.

Food waste should be eliminated as quickly as possible – and that means 2-3 times a day.

A measure of control over our anal sphincter muscles is socially necessary, but we shouldn’t take it to extremes, which inhibits detox.

When you feel the urge to go – you should go. And that urge should happen about as often as you eat. We help to attain this desirable state through using herbs to help the bowels become regular – more regular than is the case for many of us.

A good rule of thumb is:

You should have the same number of bowel movements a day as meals you eat.

If you eat twice a day – two bowel movements. If you eat three times a day – three.

Animals don’t hold on to their food waste for the day. Some may think of them as unsophisticated in this respect; but it is really ‘good and healthy’. We didn’t used to over-control our bowel movements when we were hunter-gatherers – we ‘went’ in the woods whenever we felt the urge.

A major benefit of colon cleansing

One of the big health benefits of herbal colon cleansing is that it will often improve bowel function such that people will have bowel movement at the frequency suggested.

The main herb to achieve this is cascara sagrada. This should be taken not – as it was often used years ago – in large amounts at night to produce a bowel movement next morning: but in smaller amounts and combined with other herbs, and with each meal. A respected proponent of this type of .

There are a number of combination herbal colon cleansing products to help you achieve this regularity, generally based on Dr Christopher’s formula. To make best use of the formula take it with each meal, increasing it if necessary until you get to 2-3 bowel movements a day (if that is not already happening).

Once achieved, most people can then reduce the amount of the herbal product herbs being taken and maintain the same bowel regularity – 2-3 times a day. After a time – which might be 6 months – the body will maintain the ‘2-3 times a day’ regime by itself. If not, continue for another couple of months, then try cutting down on the herbal formula, or leaving it off. Eventually it should work.

You can also find a herbal formula of the type mentioned being combined with other products for the bowel to make a more comprehensive herbal colon cleansing programme for 3 months or more.

‘Probiotic’ or ‘bowel flora’ for colon cleansing

Another vital aid for colon cleansing is to use a good quality ‘probiotic’ or ‘bowel flora’ supplement, which adds to the good bacteria present in the intestines. These ‘good’ bacteria – including the acidophilus and bifido types – are easily overwhelmed by the ‘bad’ type, resulting in poor function.

‘Good’ bowel bacteria – acidophilus, bifido, and so on – assist colon cleansing and also:

  • help the immune system work effectively
  • counteract candida
  • produce little gas

‘Bad’ bacteria:

  • damage the immune system
  • enable candida to grow too fast
  • produce much gas

A 3-month course of a natural bowel flora or probiotic benefits the bowel tremendously. It is valuable to take such a course every year or so.

It is also useful to take such a course of bowel flora:

  • Any time drugs have been taken (especially antibiotics, but other drugs too)
  • After illness, and
  • Any time your routine is disrupted or changed, such as when holidaying. When you plan a holiday abroad, take some bowel flora every day for a couple of weeks before the holiday, and then throughout the holiday itself

The importance of ‘2-3 times a day’

From a common sense point of view, the colon health regime discussed in this article means that waste is the body for the least time possible. Once it has been channeled through to the colon – it is excreted rapidly. So our vital ‘waste disposal’ system is working well, greatly benefiting health.

The problem of ‘once a day’ (or less)

If you are holding on to one meal’s food waste to wait for the next meal before ejecting it – then one part of the colon must be acting as a reservoir, or ‘holding tank’. This is not ‘cleansing’ as it should be, and it is not what the colon is designed for. The ‘peristaltic’ muscles in the colon wall are designed to keep rippling – rather like an earthworm moves – to keep the food waste moving towards, and out of, the exit – the anus.

This ‘peristalsis’ – the movement of the peristaltic muscles – is what a good colon cleansing programme usually gets working more efficiently. Once it is working – it tends to stay working.

Which is why you must keep up colon cleansing for the whole course. After a good time – 6-9 months if it’s the one we recommend – then ease it off slightly, soon after try leaving it off altogether. This may take 9-12 months in total (occasionally longer). But once done, the colon will then happily work away by itself, with perhaps a month or two of herbal bowel support every now and again, if it is necessary.

Isn’t going three times a day inconvenient?

It depends how you look at it.

I have used colon cleansing for patients since 1981. I have seen the health of many of them improve – a whole diverse range of symptoms – through this method of healthcare. So I am absolutely convinced that colon cleansing supports good health.

In fact, NOT going three times a day is likely to make you unwell! So, view ‘going three times a day’ as being like breathing, eating, drinking and exercise. Once you get used to it you will accept it completely as part of a normal healthy lifestyle.

Do the basic things to keep yourself healthy

Colon cleansing – along with liver cleansing – is one of the ‘basics’ of good health. Whatever other health measures you may be using; add on colon cleansing if you haven’t done it already.

It will help you live longer, live healthier, and avoid the serious disease which kills most of us in older age.

I cannot guarantee this. I cannot scientifically prove it! But I don’t need that – as I think it is just good common sense.

What do you think?


An article by Karen Kingston (Author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui) about the importance of colon cleansing


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Brama May 9, 2013 at 5:00 pm

I’ve enjoyed reading the information you have shared very much. However, I am a little concerned with the stress on the frequency of bowel movement and stress on colon cleansing. Or any type of cleansing before first consulting a qualified, experienced, attentive health specialist. Who through assessment and tests can establish where your health issues lie. Not all of them will manifest via tests, but at least first establish where the problems are. I am from a naturopathic culture and so relate to some of your points. However, there is a tendency within cultures that have lost touch with naturopathy, to be somewhat excessive and extreme. Which in turn does bring about excessiveness, both physically and mentally. So what I would like to share with you, is that whenever embarking on a shift in health, try to aim for BALANCE. You will not find a single African or Asian or Arab living simply in their natural environments having 3 bowel movements a day, unless they are limited in their diet and are consuming a lot of fibre. Which is fine in their instance, because historically their ancestors did too, and so genetically have evolved to absorb these food staffs long term. You living in the West have a completely different diet history and ancestry. Therefore proceed accordingly and with caution. I wish you all the very best. And good luck. BALANCE.


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