The importance of a good bra

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Support for the breasts

Breast cancer is so widespread in the West now, that women must do all they can to protect their breasts. And there is a lot they can do.

For one thing – avoid unnecessary operations.

Being over-concerned with the size and shape of your breasts is clearly not healthy – psychologically if not physically. Much has been made in the press recently, of teenage girls being given gifts of breast shaping or sizing.

This is mainly a vanity issue. Unless there is an actual need for alteration, it’s much healthier if you can just accept them as they are. You are important whatever the size of your breasts.

December’s Alternative HealthZine article about milk (available from the article archives on our website) included the story of Jane Plant, and highlighted the involvement of dairy food consumption in the development of breast cancer.

Cancer is the most common form of breast problem in the West. So you should know that there is another factor involved in this life-threatening disease which is often overlooked – the bra.

Bras and Breast Health

Countries where bras are worn have four times the cancer rate of those where they tend not to be used.

A study by Singer and Grismaijer (see their book, Dressed to Kill or visit their website found that if you wear a bra for more than twelve hours a day, you have 20 times the chance of developing breast cancer.

Worse, women who wear a bra for 24 hours a day (why?) have a 125-fold increase in the disease.

Get properly fitted…

If you are going to wear a bra, then at least make sure it fits well. Most women have never had a bra properly fitted by a lingerie expert. Proper support without pinching is important.

…Or buy a metal-free bra

If you cannot find, or do not have the time to search out, a shop which can give you a proper fitting, it may be worth you looking at a new design from a UK design company.

Seymour Powell excel in picking a product which functions badly, and turning it around to function well and look attractive. Their Bioform bra is said to be extremely comfortable.

Its support is provided not by wire – which practitioners say criss-cross the acupuncture meridians on the breast – but with polypropylene and glass derivatives. It is said to provide comfortable lift.

This may be an option for you to consider; but the best advice is, if you must wear a bra – get it properly fitted; and wear it as little as possible.


“Well,” you may say; “at least I have a regular mammogram.”

Sorry! – don’t feel so comfortable so fast.

“What Doctors Don’t Tell You” magazine provide a sensible path between flakey liberal, and narrow minded, conventional medicine. For years they have warned against automatically assuming that medical tests are good.

For example, in March 2000 they published an article entitled: “It’s Official: Mammograms Don’t Save Lives”. In it, they report the findings of a Danish meta-study (study of studies).

The uncomfortable conclusion was that out of the half million women studied, one in 1000 who had a mammogram avoided cancer, BUT – six out of that thousand died – of something else. So the total death rate of the study group actually increased, compared to the death rate of women who had not had a mammogram! Not a good sign.

It may be difficult for you to question the value of the mammogram – it was for me. And if you know someone who’s caught a breast lump ‘early’ – or if you have yourself – your emotions will obviously tell you to go for a mammogram regularly.

But I do want to say that the case for mammograms – and for other medical tests – is not as open and shut as you would first think.

You must read the information for yourself – but one question to pique your interest is: “Is it good to squash the breast, and then pass x-rays through it?” Maybe not.

“What Doctors Don’t Tell You” have a book on medical tests. See their website at:

I know this is a very emotive issue. Having a mammogram or not is a very personal decision. I just recommend you find out the facts from both sides – and then decide.

Healthy Breasts

There is little doubt that for good breast health, and avoiding breast lumps,

  • Have a bra fitted by a trained person
  • If you can’t do that, consider a wire-free bra
  • Wear a bra for as little time as possible
  • Cut down dairy foods as much as you possibly can


At the author, a scientist, looks at the ‘compelling’ evidence linking brassiere wearing and breast cancer.

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