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by on 07/01/2013

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“Death begins in the Colon”, was a saying a well-known naturopathic doctor, Bernard Jensen. And a good detox will help to reverse that process!

This sounds a little dramatic: but Jensen’s view was developed over a lifetime of carrying out colon cleansing and detox for his patients. He saw the horrible mess that came out of some people’s colons and this informed his view that many, any people were poisoning themselves from within – “auto-intoxication” in the naturopathic parlance.

Colon cleansing and detox will help to reverse this process.

Colon cleansing is an extremely valuable method of helping the body to detox. The reason for this is that the colon is the prime detox organ in the body. The concentrated matter that makes its way to the colon contains 90% bacteria, and the remainder is largely fibre plus any toxins the body wants to get rid of.

Any slow movement of the colon, or any pockets which can retain waste matter for a long time – even years! – means that these toxins have a change of multiplying and of being absorbed back into the body through the blood vessels in the colon wall.

If the colon is working efficiently, then the elimination of waste is satisfactory. If, as with many people, the colon is not working well, auto-intoxication will start to happen.

How do you tell if your colon is working well, and all is well with this important detox organ?

Naturopaths like to see a person having as many bowel movements a day as meals eaten. This means, for most of us, around 3 bowel movements a day. If this is not the case for you, then the colon is not working as well as it should.

Doctors have been heard to advise their patients that one bowel movement a day – or even every 2 or 3 days is OK. This is sheer nonsense!

If we were back in ancient times, living in fields and caves, we would have a bowel movement whenever we felt the urge. Now we have trained ourselves to ignore that urge for our own modern convenience. If we ignore the urge for 5 or 10 minutes then that’s OK. But once we get into the habit of ignoring it for hours, that leads to the auto-intoxication I talked about. And retaining waste matter for two or three days is crazy.

Retrain the bowel to restore natural detox

How do you retrain the bowels?

Yes, it can be done. The only reliable way I know is through a good colon cleansing programme. This is the best way to boost our natural body detox.

Colon cleansing programme

A colon cleansing programme will help to retrain the bowel so that it will re-learn its good habits and produce a bowel movement for each meal eaten. With a herbal programme this takes, on average, a period of 6-9 months.

There is no inconvenience with this approach and it soon becomes natural for you to work with your body’s healthy and natural rhythm and have 3 or so bowel movements a day. Because they are easy bowel movements each one is quick and there will be no straining.

This is how you help natural detox – it’s how you remove dangerous toxins from the body as soon as you possibly can. This herbal programme is the only way I know to restore the body’s natural pattern and get rid of toxins in a timely way. I have prescribed it to hundreds of my own patients.

Please ignore anyone who tells you that a bowel movement once a day, or even every 2 days, is “normal”. That is sheer rubbish: and makes no sense at all to anyone who thinks it through for just a few seconds.

Colon cleansing will help the colon to stay clear of toxins, and so is a natural way of having a body detox. This means toxins will not be left in the body to find their way into parts of the body where they don’t belong.

Yes, the body is made to detox naturally: but why make it hard for ourselves? Get rid of toxins in a timely way by improving your colon such that it produces 3 bowel movements a day. That is healthy: and that is natural.

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