Nerves & Stress

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St John’s Wort has been used since the middle ages as a valuable relaxing herb. It also has long-lasting tonic effects on the whole Nervous System.
Its main properties are for mild depression and for menopause. Most people have heard of it with regard to depression. There are some well-proven benefits for this.
This is what most people know St John’s Wort for – it has become the product of choice for mild to moderate depression. We examine this in the article.


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We only generally think of the damaging effects of stress: but there is also a good side to stress. For example if we need to rapidly jump into action the person with a high-stress type of reaction will be ready to go in seconds. This can be a real advantage.
So don’t think stress only has a bad side.


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Many people believe that emotions – positive or negative, can alter the course of even major physical diseases. Emotions obviously can affect certain body functions, such as heart rate, sweating, sleep patterns, and bowel movements.