Immune system

A natural progression from clearing clutter in your home is clearing the clutter inside your own physical body. People who collect clutter on the outside tend to collect it on the inside too, but whereas clutter on the outside can hamper your progress in life, clutter on the inside can have even more serious health-threatening or even life-threatening consequences.


Post image for Probiotics – our natural bowel bacteria

Probiotics provide a very valuable supplement to help you to keep the bowel healthy.
Many different probiotics brands can be found on the health supplement market. As long as you buy a reputable brand, it will be most beneficial for your health to include one of these in your daily regime.


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There are literally hundreds of different species of Sage. The one most often found in your back yard, Salvia officinalis & common sage, better known as a culinary herb, has impressive therapeutic properties – especially for female hormones and menopause.


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Most people probably think of ‘circulation’ in terms of whether or not they have warm or cold hands and feet (at least in the UK or similar climates!).
However, we couldn’t live if we did not have blood circulation and improving the circulation of body fluids can definitely be expected to keep you healthy for much longer than would otherwise be the case. And, in many cases, it can dramatically improve your health.


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It is not just the heart, lungs and muscles which benefit from exercise. Exercise is vital for whole body health.