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If you think about it, what is milk really for?
Milk is for feeding the babies of mammals. Nothing more. A mother’s milk varies in composition from hour to hour, depending on the needs of the baby. Its precise composition is ‘computerised’ for that baby.
We are, in fact, the only ‘animal’ that regularly consumes milk after weaning.


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A cat or dog salivates with anticipated pleasure at the sight and smell of raw meat, but very few humans exhibit this behaviour. For most meat eaters, their chosen cut needs to be cooked before it becomes attractive. This is just one factor that might make us wonder whether eating meat is natural for us, and whether being a vegetarian is a realistic option.


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An important aspect of our eating plan is that protein is very difficult to digest compared to carbohydrates and fats. When present in significant quantities, protein not only slows down, but also blocks the digestion of carbohydrates and fats, leading to undigested food and obesity. Proper digestion is the key to being slim.


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In this world full of chemicals and pollutants, no-one can say ‘I always avoid chemicals’. It just isn’t possible always to be 100% organic. Even plastic containers leak a few molecules into the food contents. Store them for weeks or months – and it’s more than a few molecules.


The best diet for you

by on 08/01/2013

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The cause of widespread ill-health in the West (especially with age) is that too little attention is paid to the diet – to the nutrient content of our food, and too much attention is paid to the quantity of protein or calories consumed. This must change if you want to promote healthy living.

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Glycation is a process by which proteins, certain fats, and glucose tangle together. It affects all body tissues, and tends to make them stiff and inflexible. Glycation causes most problems for organs where flexibility is most important, such as the heart, kidneys, skin and eyes.


How to live longer

by on 08/01/2013

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To liver longer there are four major problems in the body to avoid. These are all problems which can be addressed and reduced, if not eliminated. If we will address them then we will live longer, live more healthily, and be less likely to develop killer diseases – particularly heart disease and cancer. These are […]


A diet for health

by on 08/01/2013

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If carrying out a detox at home, diet is crucial. What we eat is so important for us to say healthy.


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For treatment of menopause natural remedies would be the first choice of many women – before deciding to fall back on using drugs. The natural approaches very often relieve symptoms – if they don’t eliminate them altogether.


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Menopause symptoms start to affect about 8,000 western women each day, as they enter the menopause. Menopause symptoms can raise a variety of concerns and fears.
Uncertainty and misinformation about menopause abound. Emotional strains are heightened by the all too apparent physical and mental symptoms a woman can experience.