Lose weight naturally

by on 21/01/2013

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Losing weight is complex: there are usually both physical as well as emotional causes of being overweight and all factors need to be addressed.
You certainly do need to be kind to yourself. Guilt is just not an option! Guilt is a useless emotion. Accept where you are and move forward.

With a simple plan, a desire to get healthy, and a willingness to review regularly weight loss can be achieved like any other aim. Just allow yourself to fail, come up with a new idea, and try again and continue with this approach until you find the route that works for you.


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Losing weight is tricky – there are many factors which conspire against you. So it takes a determined effort, a good plan and a regular review.
Obesity is exploding in the developed world. To keep a normal weight you are going to have to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be part of the obesity epidemic: be part of the cure!
You family may not respond: but you have to accept that. At least be a good example and hope they eventually catch on.


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The call to eat “”five a day”” has spread right across the world. Unfortunately there are still too many not listening to it.
The benefits of eating vegetables and fruit (especially vegetables) are massive. And vegetables are not expensive. The main reason people are not eating more is: it takes a bit of effort to change habits.
The more vegetables you eat: the less likely you are to get cancer. That is a fact. Yet even the increased chance of an early and horrible death is is not enough incentive, it seems, to incorporate more of those lovely red and green things (vegetables!) into the diets of ourselves and our children.

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Laughter as medicine

by on 18/01/2013

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Laughter has many benefits for our health – both physical and mental. A lot of this is due to the reduction in stress which accompanies a good laugh.
Sharing laughter always brings us closer and smooths over difficulties. A workplace, for example, with no laughter is a stressful place to be.
Similarly, in our personal relationships. If we can find something to see which will be found funny by all parties the event is bound to bring you closer.


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In this world full of chemicals and pollutants, no-one can say ‘I always avoid chemicals’. It just isn’t possible always to be 100% organic. Even plastic containers leak a few molecules into the food contents. Store them for weeks or months – and it’s more than a few molecules.


The best diet for you

by on 08/01/2013

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The cause of widespread ill-health in the West (especially with age) is that too little attention is paid to the diet – to the nutrient content of our food, and too much attention is paid to the quantity of protein or calories consumed. This must change if you want to promote healthy living.

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Long-life habits

by on 08/01/2013

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In 1900, the expected lifespan in the western world was 45 years. In 2000 it had extended by two thirds – to 75 years. Aging has ‘come of age’, so to speak. In those distant days 100 years ago, death was mainly caused by matters beyond our control. If you survived the risks of childbirth, fatal infections were common. Until the discovery of Penicillin in the late 1920’s, there was little protection against diphtheria, polio, syphilis and tuberculosis. Even influenza was frequently a killer.


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It has been assumed in many circles that if you have a long working life, you will die younger – through the effects of exhaustion, extra stress, and so on. So, apparently, working hard advances aging.


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Glycation is a process by which proteins, certain fats, and glucose tangle together. It affects all body tissues, and tends to make them stiff and inflexible. Glycation causes most problems for organs where flexibility is most important, such as the heart, kidneys, skin and eyes.


How to live longer

by on 08/01/2013

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To liver longer there are four major problems in the body to avoid. These are all problems which can be addressed and reduced, if not eliminated. If we will address them then we will live longer, live more healthily, and be less likely to develop killer diseases – particularly heart disease and cancer. These are […]