Can stress have a positive effect?

by on 16/01/2013

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You may know that Iridology is the analysis of health from the (coloured) irises of the eyes. This intriguing method of diagnosis can easily identify whether or not a person has a ‘high stress’ constitution.

Look closely for the close and tightly drawn radial fibres that make up this type of eye. They usually have a lot of white in them too.

Steve McQueen had this type of constitution, as does Paul Newman. Millions were, and still are, mesmerized by their bright eyes. Any Iridologist will tell you that those eyes simply indicate a high stress constitution! And as with all these types, there is a tendency to get certain illnesses – for example, arthritis, exhaustion and nervous conditions.

Is a ‘high stress constitution good or bad?

Some and some.

On the positive side, it enables you to find inner resources when you need them. You won’t collapse in a heap when extraordinary demands are made on your energy at the end of a heavy day. You’ll kick your adrenal glands into overdrive, and bring forth a burst of energy.

On the negative side – you can’t do this repeatedly without your underlying health suffering. Sooner or later – you’ll pay. Watch out for asthma, heart problems, or nervous breakdowns.

What can you do?

If you have a high stress constitution – and you know if you have – relax regularly. Preferably every day.

Don’t continue to work while you eat lunch. Take a break.

Don’t rely on alcohol – that’s just more congestion for the liver, which already gets congested easily with this type of constitution.

If you are in a high stress job or home situation – you can’t change it instantly. But you can have a five year plan. Don’t just go on from day to day thinking nothing can be done.

And it is very valuable to take a course of alternative medicine every year to build your nervous system.

There are many nerve formulations on the market which will do fine. Ask the advice of a reputable herb company, and take a three month herbal course every year.

Or, if you prefer acupuncture, book a few sessions annually with your practitioner. It won’t be money wasted.

New Year’s Resolution?

As the New Year is with us, it’s a good time to think about whether you spend enough time relaxing. We all have to find the way that suits us.

Me – I’m off on a five day relaxing break. The car stays in the car park – or I’d just be off exploring the local sights. I’ll take a few good books; I have an hour-and-a-half massage booked; I’ll cook some good food, and maybe have just a few beers. And the holiday wouldn’t be complete for me without my 11 and 12 year old kids and their friends to share it with! It may not be your idea of heaven, but I love it.

Whatever you like doing, maybe it’s this year that you’ll really start spending as much time relaxing as you need and you deserve. You know it makes sense.


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