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What will you get from Alternative HealthZine?

I will give you some great writing on the internet about alternative health. I want you to keep well without resorting  to drugs and other conventional methods.

Sometimes drugs are a necessity: and thank goodness we have them. But they are used far too often.

If we learn to look after our own health we can keep healthy and happy in the best way possible.

Robert Ralph

Robert Ralph worked as an alternative medicine professional in Houston, Texas during the 1980s and 90s. He built on his experience of five years as a nurse and then moved on to study osteopathy and naturopathy.

Rob retired to Mexico in the late 1990s with his wife where they really enjoy their “sun and sand retirement”. When not meeting with friends, keeping up with the alternative medicine world, or Skyping the family back home, Rob writes for health magazines.

He often writes under a pseudonym to preserve his privacy 😉  And he avoids Facebook for similar reasons! However, on this blog he can be his real self 🙂

He wishes you the best of health.