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When I am looking for the best colon cleanser I strongly suggest you first look at the track record of the products you are thinking of using.

  • ¬†Has it been around for a good length of time?
  • ¬†Is it top quality?
  • Can you get help and advice when you need it?

Then decide whether you will really follow the program through to the end. If you don’t it will have been a waste of your time and effort.

Mostly, people want a natural bowel cleanse:

  1. To help cleanse the body – for example after Christmas excesses, or just because of slow accumulation of toxins, or
  2. Because constipation is, or has been, a problem

1. To help cleanse the body

Many people have waste matter not passing fast enough.

The healthiest frequency of bowel movements is to have 2-3 bowel movements a day. This is as often as a meal is eaten.

If you do not go 2-3 times a day, then your bowel is acting as a reservoir – it is holding on to your waste matter for too long. It is much healthier to get rid of waste as soon after the meal as possible. This is why 2-3 bowel movements a day is healthiest.

The best natural bowel cleanse will help to encourage this healthy frequency of bowel movement.

2. Constipation is a problem

A person is constipated any time there are difficult bowel movements; when the movements are hard or dry or difficult to pass or when it takes a long time to do so for any other reason.

A good natural bowel cleanse will often have a great effect in cases like this. Keep the treatment up for long enough and your hard-to-pass bowel movements will be history.

It is best to continue with a natural bowel cleanse for at least 3-6 months, perhaps longer – depending on how long constipation has been a problem for you.

Diet and exercise

Fresh vegetables: Your lifestyle also helps determine how well your colon behaves – especially your diet and exercise regime. Vegetables and fruit are essential to good bowel function because of the large amount of healthy fibre they contain.

Exercise is also very important for the whole body – particularly the abdominal area, where the bowel is located.

This type of exercise affects the lower abdomen and is excellent for stimulating the colon – in a healthy way. Swimming is one example of an exercise which helps the abdomen – and it is also kind to the joints.

The best herbal cleanser

‘Sacred bark’ also known as cascara sagrada is a wonderful natural bowel cleanse and one of the best in the herbal kingdom for getting the colon into good habits.

Many years ago one dose would often be given before bedtime to produce a bowel movement next morning.

Today, we use cascara in a gentler, more curative way. It is taken 3 times daily in a lower dose, and combined with other herbs, to produce the relief we are looking for. This relief is also found to be long lasting.

This happens because cascara has the great property of ‘re-training’ bowel muscle which has got lazy. In most ex-sufferers, the bowel eventually starts to work for itself, in time, and the herbs are no longer needed.

The bowel now expels waste matter as nature intended – about as often as you eat.

For many people who used to be constipated this seems like a miracle – and is almost unimaginable! However, it is what we find in practice; many happy people.

Psyllium husks and bowel flora

I recommend that the cascara-containing formulation is used alongside two other products: psyllium husks – a seed husk which provides a wonderful lubricating fibre to help the colon; and a high quality bowel flora product. This is a supplement which increases the beneficial bacteria in the colon, so promoting good health.

Thousands of people have used this combination of three products, to create a natural colon cleanser to help them to detox and to help them completely banish difficulty in passing waste matter.

This natural bowel cleanse is a brilliant start for future good health.

The best colon cleanser

These three great products work together brilliantly if taken over several months or more. Used in this way, the body will start to detox, and the ‘peristaltic’ muscles of the bowel will start to work reliably. This is what produces regular, easy bowel movements.

This makes you feel more comfortable: and it is a great help for building natural health.

Robert Ralph strongly recommends colon cleansing. He can save you up to an extra £15 (approx 15 Euros or $22) on a top quality herbal 90-DAY COLON CLEANSING PROGRAMME when you visit this Colon Cleanse Program website.

This fantastic programme consists of Cascara Compound Capsules, Psyllium Husks, Bio Multi-flora (bowel flora), an instructional pamphlet PLUS unlimited free professional support by phone or email.

Read more now about this fantastic offer at the Colon Cleanser website.

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